Covid 19 update

As an essential food service we will to continue to function but are balancing this with ensuring the health and safety of our staff. We will continue to offer premix and a limited range of bread products through our online store. You can order online and have it delivered to your door throughout NZ or pickup on Wednesdays between 9am and 3pm. We will dispatch all orders every Wednesday. As we are running on a skeleton crew for the next four weeks, our supply to retail outlets will be very limited. I hope your baking is going well! Call me if you have an urgent inguiry on 0273420013. Kia kaha 


OMG Speciality Breads

OMGoodness Bread was developed at home over 10 years primarily to provide high quality nutrition, make great toast and sandwich bread, to have outstanding taste and texture and to be suitable for a childs sensitive pallete. The recipe includes kelp powder with over 70 minerals and trace elements, a nutritious stoneground whole buckwheat base and is packed with activated chia and linseeds.


Goodness bread is soft and spongy, moist and flavoursome. A bread that caters for all, OMG is the perfect centrepiece for weekend picnics and a versatile foundation for school lunches. We have a range of organic and vegan* bread that are all gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free. Our range includes: Manuka Honey & Walnut (*non vegan), Apricot, Currant & Cinnamon, Sunflower and Sesame, Roast Pumpkin, Fennel & Rosemary and Cranberry, Dark Chocolate and Walnut. We also do a range of Buns & Gourmet Crackers. 


The Easy Way to Bake

OMG specialty bread at home

Bread Pre-mix now available

Our premix is organic, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, paleo and vegan. The base ingredient is fresh, stone milled, whole buckwheat flour, milled in our GF premises. The mix is packed with chia seeds and linseeds and includes Kelp powder with more than 74 minerals. The other key ingredients are Sea Salt and Tapioca flour. We use some hulled organic buckwheat flour if we are in short supply of nz grown buckwheat seed to mill. 

This is a no knead, no hassle recipe, perfect for a busy home life.

The pre-mix can be used to make any variety of bread you choose by adding fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, veges or even chocolate to the batter. This mix can also be used to make our famous cwackers and pizza bases.

“May you find the strength
to know,
you are a part of something beautiful .” 

Alexi Murdoch

The Space


Drop in to the bakery to pickup some fresh baked bread, crackers, or premix to make your own beautiful OMG loaves or pancakes/desserts at home. We also have healthy sweet treats, or just offer a zen place to find calm with a kombucha or hot beverage. Our vibrant space is full of natural light has a fresh, rustic interior and you'll always find find a friendly face to greet you.  



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