Instructions For OMG Pre-Mix

Take a bowl and place it on a set of scales – tare the scales

Pour 420ml (420g) of warm water into the bowl (hot water will kill the yeast)

Add ¼-1/2 of a teaspoon of Active Granulated yeast to the water

(Note- Add ½-1 teaspoon if you want it to rise really quickly to bake in 2-3 hours)

(Note - You can also use fresh yeast , 2-4 g per loaf)

Add 420g (2 1/2 level cups) of the OMG premix to the bowl and mix with a wooden spoon

Throw in a handful of seeds, nuts, fruit, spices, veges, choc or whatever takes your fancy to change the variety of the bread accordingly and mix it in.

Activated OMG (18Hrs Plus – 5 days Max)

Our Method


Lightly oil your tin and pour the batter into the tin

Top with seeds/herbs/nuts etc

Cover the tin with something to stop the bread drying out. Leave out for an hour or nearly doubled in size.

Put the tin in the fridge (the bread will rise over the first couple of hours and then stop)

Leave for at at least 18 hours to activate the seeds

Heat your oven to 200 degrees

Place tin into hot oven for one hour


Quick OMG


Lightly oil your tin and put batter into the tin

Top with seeds/herbs/nuts etc

Place in a warm spot for 2hr+ (could be on top of your oven while it is heating)

It should double in size

Heat oven to 200 degrees

Place in hot oven for 50 mins- 1 hour


Freestyle OMG


Leave batter in bowl overnight or during the day covered with a damp tea-towel or plate

Re-mix the batter and put into the oiled tin

Top with seeds/herbs/nuts etc

Put into a cold oven, turn the oven on to 200 degrees and bake for one hour from the time you put it in.

This loaf will be more rounded and narrower at the ends, if you want to make it rise higher just leave the bread tin out for an hour or so and preheat the oven for an hour, then place the tin in the oven and bake for 50mins to one hour.


Activated Cwackers/Pizza Bases


Make a normal bread mix but add a couple of tablespoons olive oil (per loaf worth) and some mixed herbs (sage/oregano/thyme/rosemary)

One loaf of mix will make around 5 big cwackers or pizza bases

Add around 150g of flour (buckwheat/tapioca mix is good), mix and knead to make a moist dough

Leave for five or more hours (18 hrs plus for activation)

Mix and knead to form a dough, adding more flour to get a nice dough consistency

Roll into thin bases (the seeds will guide the thickness)

Prebake on a hot pizza stone (200 degrees)3 for a few minutes until it is like puffy soft leather


Crackers - Take leathery base out of the oven and brush with oil, top with herbs and salt and rebake on the pizza stone until all of the bubbles are hard and it is “cwackerfied”.


Pizzas – Take out of the oven and add pizza sauce and toppings, rebake on pizza stone until edges are crisp.

Notes for bread baking



If you tip the bread out of the tin and the bottom is still soft keep baking for another 10 mins.

You will learn during this process, you are making food that is alive and changes depending on temp, humidity, different ovens and probably even your mood so think nice thoughts! Though it is pretty fail-safe it is very important to get the mix-water ratio exact. If you are adding ingredients that contain water, like pumpkin it will change the bread slightly (more moist), you can add less water if you like but we don’t. Good luck, you are in for an exciting ride!

The height of the tin will determine the height of the bread, unless you use the Freestyle method when you can make a slightly rounded top higher than the tin, you will figure it out over time.