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Goodness Cafe MENU

Our seasonal menu for cafe goodness, Hastings

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Café Open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 2.30pm



We use organic and free range meats as a priority but also provide dairy-free and vegan options.

Please check cabinet or ask staff to confirm ingredients.



Savoury Cabinet Food
(Check cabinet for availability)

Dish of the Day(Check the board) 18|20
Add: OMG Toast + 4
Open Focaccia 15
Sun-Dried Tomato & Olive OMG Focaccia
w/ Cream Cheese & Basil Pesto
or Cashew Cheese Base | Seasonal Fresh Veg |
Chutney | Himalayan Salt
Pizza Focaccia 13
Sun-Dried Tomato & Olive OMG Focaccia
w/ Relish | Tasty Cheese/Mozzarella
Add: Chorizo, Chicken or Bacon +5
Deluxe Sandwiches 16
All Deluxe Sammies are on a Base of Thickly
Sliced OMG Bread | Red Onion | Pickle |
Shredded Beetroot and/or Carrot | Hummus
& Lettuce  Bacon Or Chorizo - Tomato Relish |Free Range Bacon or
Chorizo| Avo or Tomato | Aioli  Tuna Mayo – Lime & Date Chutney | Tuna In Olive Oil |
Organic Vegan Aioli | Feta  Chicken Mayo – Peach & Mango Chutney | Free Range
Chicken|Organic Vegan Aioli |Brie or Feta  Rainbow - Lime & Date Chutney or
Tomato Chili Jam
Options: Feta, Blue Cheese, Brie, Pear, Avocado or Tomato

Kids Mouse Trap 10
Single Long Slice of OMG Toast |
Tomato Relish | Mozzarella/Tasty Cheese |
Basil Pesto Drizzle

Simple Toasty 13
Mozzarella/Tasty Cheese | Basil Pesto
Between Two Long Slices of OMG Bread
Served w/ Relish & Garnish
Classic Toasty 16
Mozzarella/Tasty Cheese |Spinach |Red Onion|
Pickle|Basil Pesto/Olive Oil Drizzle
Served w/ Tomato Chili Jam & Garnish
Deluxe 20
(Classic Toasty w/Extra Toppings Listed Below)  Blue Pear – Pear Slices | Blue Cheese  Chorizo – Fresh Tomato |Chorizo
 Chicken Licken – Free Range Chicken
 Hamster – Free Range Ham |Mustard
 Kimchino – Kimchi  Vegan – House Made Organic Cashew Cheese |Fresh
Tomato & Mushroom
Served w/Tomato Chili Jam & Garnish
Gourmet Salad Jar (Feta or Vegan-Avo) 16
w/Olives|Tomato|Capsicum|Red Onion|Pear or
Cucumber|Lettuce|Roasted Seeds|OMG French
Add: Bacon Bits or Chicken +3
Orange and Spice Bun or 10
Sourdough Sun Bun
w/ Butter
Add: Maple Drizzle or Anathoth Jam +2
Or: Avocado & Drizzle +5
Roast Tomato & Feta +5

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