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Bulk Buy Special ~ mix of Walnut, Fruity & Sourdough

Bulk Buy Special ~ mix of Walnut, Fruity & Sourdough

$156.00 Regular Price
$146.00Sale Price

Bulk buy special

Buy any of our range of full boxes (12 loaves) and get $10 off the total price!


This particular box contains a selection of our $13 range.


4 x Walnut/manuka honey 

4 x Apricot Raisin 

4 x Sourdough


The nutritional values for all the varieties can be found on their individual listings in the shop.


You can swap any of the above out for different quantities. For instance if you want more Sourdough but no fruity or even if you just want them all of the one flavour!

This needs be done in your shopping cart at time of check-out by selecting 'add a note' and telling us which varieties to swap out. 


If you would like a full box of a mix not available in our range of options, please just select your loaves as you normally would and we will still happily honour the bulk buy special and refund you your $10 when we fulfill your order. (Please note it must be a full box of 12 loaves at least).

If you do not receive your refund notification, please send us a note to remind us.


Our loaves slice and freeze really well so if you have room in your freezer, it certainly makes sense to take us up on this offer!


Shipping is via overnight courier. Please select 'Urban, fresh bread' for your shipping using the drop down menu.


We don't offer fresh bread to Rural Locations, especially with a full box like this, as there is too much risk of delayed delivery and the bread perishing.

So if you live at an RD address, please select an alternative Urban address for your box to be delivered to.


Happy Shopping!



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