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NO SALT Original Bread Pre-mix

NO SALT Original Bread Pre-mix


x10 420g Serving (10 Loaf).


No added salt version.


Our premix is organic, gluten, dairy and sugar free, paleo and vegan. The base ingredient is freshly stone milled, whole buckwheat flour and it is packed with chia seeds and linseeds, with Kelp powder incorporated for additional minerals. The other ingredient is Tapioca flour and we use some hulled organic buckwheat flour if we are in short supply of nz grown buckwheat seed to mill.
You simply need to add yeast and water to the mix to make a loaf, but adding a handful of additional seeds, nuts, fruit, chocolate, spices, herbs, pumpkin etc will change the flavour accordingly.
All of our loaves are made using this base mix and adding two or three extra ingredients. You can also make our crackers and pizza bases using this mix. Instructions will come with the mix. This is a no knead recipe, it doesnt get any easier!


Buckwheat flour, Tapioca flour, Linseeds & chia seeds, Kelp powder.

All ingredients are organic unless unavailable.

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